About this Fiction stuff…

Quite simply, this blog is purely for your entertainment.    gb_2x3


NOTE: From time to time I delete many posts from the string and start posting new stories; so, if you are visiting and the number of tales are pretty small, that is why.

However, keep coming back, or better still, ‘follow’ this blog, so you will not miss any of my new tales.

I am a prolific author who enjoys writing short stories and flash fiction.

This blog allows me to showcase the various genres, narratives and styles in which I write. It also allows me to experiment with various literary techniques and gain feedback from you, my wonderful readers.

A Little more Fiction allows you to read a whole host of stories from ghostly creepings to romantic love scenes, through to blood, gore and criminal acts to affairs of the heart, childish memoirs and playful encounters to disturbing psychological drama and emotionally charged adventures.

All which I hope you find entertaining and captivating.

Of course and without shyness, I admit to using this blog to promote my work, what else should a writer do?

My hope is, you will enjoy my stories so much you will go on to purchase my novels, my books of short stories and my poetry. In fact, I hope you will seek out and read all my novels and other written work from now until eternity!  

Oh, please feel free to become a fan if you wish.

On that basis, I am placing the link to my website below.

…where you can see the books I have published so far, my ‘special editions‘ , Works in Progress and those awaiting publication. Take a look now and see for youself?


Paul White is a founding Member of APC



2 thoughts on “About this Fiction stuff…

  1. Hey Paul,
    I like your shorts…I do the same in a Friday’s fun flash column on my blog, though you’ve been at this for a lot longer than I have. What I like about doing weekly shorts is it gets that creativity flowing and keeps the pen moving…always a good thing!


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